Aquagard M 40R Charcoal


Pallet Amount is 36 Drums

  • Wet Areas- Bathrooms, shower trays, laundries, toilets, spas.
  • External (non exposed) – Balconies, roof decks, sill or window flashings, podiums, planters.
  • Tanking – retaining walls, landscaped areas, ponds, water features, non-potable water stroage.
  • It can be applied to most stable surfaces – block, brick, concrete, render, timber, CFC,GRG, ALC, etc.


Fast-Cure, Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane Vertical Grade

  • Low VOC
  • Easy, fast, high build, one-coat application with brush or roller is possible
  • Simple, seamless, fast-cure membrane
  • Root-resistant barrier in planters
  • Excellent chemical resistance, suitable for acid sulphate soils
  • Waterproof – resists ponded water
  • Permanently flexible – total adhesion
  • Single-pack – no mixing, high build
  • Systems for Total Project Specification

External – Balconies, decks, retaining walls and planters

  • 1.25 lit (1.75kg) to 1.5 lit (2kg)/m²

Internal Wet Areas

  • Floors – 1.25 lit (1.75kg) to 1.5 lit (2kg)/m²
  • Walls – 0.4 lit (0.5kg) to 0.5 lit (0.7kg)/m2
  • Grey