Aquagard M Clear Primer


A fast dying, stable, single pack, modified polyurethane pre-polymer concrete primer for use with all GCP polyurethane based membranes.

  • Aquagard M clear primer is used for all polyurethane based Grace membranes including: Aquagard M – all grades, Proflex TF, Acoustiflex and Bituthene Mastic Membrane.

It may be applied to most rigid substrates used in construction including:

  • Concrete masonry
  • Off-form concrete
  • In-situ concrete slabs and topping
  • Shotcrete and cement render
  • Light-weight foamed conrecte
  • Pre-cast concrete panels
  • Compressed fibre cement sheet
  • Metal
  • Brick


Primer for elastomeric polyurethane membranes

  • Strong physical bond to substrate
  • Fast drying PU resin system
  • Coating is water-resistant and protects the structure in the event of interruption by wet weather
  • Promotes adhesion even in cold weather

Application rate is approx 6-8sqm/kg

  • Clear