Bidim Cloth 2m x 50m


Bidim cloth provide excellent filtration and features a strong three-dimensional structure with high elongation. bidim nonwoven geotextiles also have a high melting point and high UV resistance.

  • In the construction of roads, railways and embankments where the ground is soft and unstable.
  • The incorporation of bidim geotextiles reduces the need for quarried fill materials and reduces construction times.
  • Tightly rolled wide rolls can result in significant transportation cost savings.
  • Local production of bidim allows full QA traceability of every roll, with many customers auditing our local production facilities.
  • Needle free bidim geotextiles provide designers and installers in the waste and containment sectors with confidence that their liner will not be damaged.
  • Local UV testing conducted over many years, which important as we have one of the most extreme UV environments in the world.
  • Centre of Excellence research and testing into use of bidim as a cushion layer, yielding savings to contractors and asset owners.
  • Local production of bidim allows for production of project specific grades or roll dimensions.
  • Complies with all road, rail and landfill authority specifications.
  • Local stock holdings ensure we have the right product in the right place at the right time.
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