Duram s900 15L


Clear, Non-glossy, penetrative sealer and waterproofing liquid.

  • Waterproofing external concrete.
  • Cement.
  • Cement render.
  • Face brick.
  • Block walls.
  • Sandstone.
  • Porous pavers.
  • Grout (tiled areas).
  • Sand and cement tile beds.


Duram S900 is a clear, high pH, deep penetrating siloxane waterproofing solution. Duram S900 penetrates in to the tissue of porous substrates and creates a waterproofing barrier below the surface preventing the ingress of water. Duram S900 is an effective waterproofing solution and stops leaks without lifting tiles or changing the overall appearance of the surface.

  • Forms a waterproofing barrier without changing the overall appearance of the surface.
  • Seals tile beds without lifting tiles.
  • Highly economic solution.
  • Long lasting protection.
  • Quick drying.
  • Dries clear in a flat (low gloss) finish.
  • It can be re – coated.
  • Using S900 is a very viable and economical first effort attempt to stop leaks.
  • Provides excellent weatherproof barrier to rain and salt spray.
  • Provides an anti-graffiti barrier.

As a general guide the coverage rate for Duram S900 is:

  • Ceramic tiled areas: 6m² per Lt – concentrated on the grout lines.
  • Terracotta tiled areas: 3m² per Lt per coat.
  • Face brick: 4m² per Lt per coat.
  • Highly porous areas: 2m² to 3m² per Lt per coat.
  • Anti-Graffiti Coating: 2m² to 3m² per Lt per coat.

The stated average coverage rate may vary depending upon type, condition, porosity, texture of the surface and application technique.

Note: the required use of product is dependent upon the type, porosity and profile of the surface. The above is given as a guide only. Test areas are recommended.

  • S900 is a clear product and dries to a low gloss.