Epocote F100w


Epocote F100W is a two-pack, water based epoxy coating that cures to a tough, fully bonded, chemically resistant and waterproof protective barrier.

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  • Negative Waterproofing.
  • Surface sealer to prevent efflorescence and calcium leachate staining.
  • Waterproof sealer against rising damp on floors and walls.
  • Primer for green concrete.
  • As a primer for GCP water based membranes.


General Purpose , Clear, Water-Based Exposy Primer and Sealer.

  • Complies with Green Star requirements.
  • AWQC Potable Water Certified 140473-2006 CSR-1. Very low VOC available.
  • Fast Cure and Versatile – Multi-Purpose Use. Simple and economical application.
  • Easy 1:1 by volume mixing ratio.
  • Resists acids, alkalis and salt water.
  • Bonds to damp or green concrete.
  • As a coating – Apply at the rate of 6 to 7m2/litre per coat depending on the porosity and texture of substrate.
  • As a damp surface Primer- Do NOT dilute product. Apply at the rate of 4 – 5m2/litre. As a general primer – 8 to 12m2/litre of diluted product.
  • Grey.
  • Clear.