WB primer


Duram WB PRIMER is a water based,concrete compatible,polymer emulsion which enhances the adhesion of Durabit EF, Durabit Reo, Duram Azcoflex range of acrylic membranes as well as the Crystoflex membrane.


15L Drum

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  • WB PRIMER should be used to prime porous substrates over which a water based membrane or coating will be applied.
  • It is NOT┬ásuitable for use on metal, non porous surfaces, shiny or very smooth concrete, glazed tiles, marble, terrazzo, particle board or chip board.


General purpose Water based primer.

  • Simple to apply.
  • Water based.
  • Very low VOCs.
  • Meets the ‘Green Star’ environmental criteria.
  • Concrete compatible.
  • Beds down dust.
  • Aid the adhesion of water based membranes to the surface.
  • Very economical.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly to use.
  • Single pack.
  • The stated average coverage rate may vary depending upon type, condition, porosity, texture of the surface and application technique.

General coverage is approximately 4 sqm per litre but this will depend on the porousity of the surface.

  • WB PRIMER is milky white, almost clear with a slight wet look when dry.